Miguel GanzoI am a writer, songwriter and performer based in Sweden and Spain. I’m influenced by indie-rock and by the folk-rock traditions from several countries: especially Spain, Sweden, USA and UK. My main goal with writing and music is to be able to communicate interesting things in an interesting way. To glance at everyday life, society, history, science and myself with curiosity, to be able to make small sketches from it in the form of songs, or draw bigger pictures when writing novels.


I perform my music playing the guitar and harmonica. You can book me for a traditional concert (me and my music on a stage singing to a public) but I do other kind of performances as well, for example I visit Swedish schools and sing my spanish songs to the spanish class, combining it with lectures about Spain or Spanish Culture. I am also a qualified math teacher with years of experience in alternative economy and grassroot activism so I visit diferent organizations where I make concerts combined with lectures and workshops.


My Music

I’m an independent artist and I record my music mainly in my home studio. I publish it mostly on Bandcamp and Youtube. Some of my recordings are in Spotify as well. I released my first EP, Invisible#1, on October 2014 and this are the diferent projects in which I’m working on:

Here’s an alphabetical list of all my recorded songs: my songbook

My Writtings

I’ve three literary publications:

  • Sesenta metros cuadrados, a novel (2018)
  • Paralisa, a novel (2007)

  • La cita, a Short Story (2010)

And a work of non-fiction