Songs to Miss Ekberg








Songs to Miss Ekberg is an album written in 2010 and 2011. Most of the songs were written during a songwriter’s course that I followed at Nordiska Folkhögskola (Kungälv, Sweden) A course that I recommend very much!

I’ve recorded the songs at my apartment, with a microphone Zoom Q3.

If you are a producer and you are interested in recording this songs “properly”, please contact me:

Songs to Miss Ekberg can be listened and downloaded at my page in Bandcamp

About miguelganzomateo

I am a writer, songwriter and performer based in Sweden and Spain. I’m influenced by indie-rock and by the folk-rock traditions from several countries: especially Spain, Sweden, USA and UK. My main goal with writing and music is to be able to communicate interesting things in an interesting way. To glance at everyday life, society, history, science and myself with curiosity, to be able to make small sketches from it in the form of songs, or draw bigger pictures when writing novels.
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