The Dream with Katja at Carpe Viam Festival

I played The Dream with Katja Castberg at Carpe Viam Festival one month ago in Tübinge, South of Germany. Here are some pictures from our show, All Love is Good Love:


The Dream

From Songs to Miss Ekberg

We were travelling in that boat
And my family was there
I could hear my father talking
I could see my brother’s face

I would say that it was summer
‘cos the evening was long
I could see the big blue ocean
I could hear you on the top

Yes, it started right there
Your look and my look
The hurry of leaving the others behind

The music stopped
Your hand in my hand
Our steps in the corridor, we are looking for…

And the big boat like a whale
Dancing smoothly over the sea
While our hands were greedy breaking
All the distances, clothes and fears

From the circle of the window
Yellow fishes looked your face
They were jealous and I knew that
They were jealous, you were free.

Well, that night were just so
Amazing that I
Can not choose the words to describe it here

It took all my strengths
My defences were down
I thought I was dreaming and maybe was I

When I woke up the bed was empty
And the darkness took your place
I did recognisee the shadows
Of my room, forget the sea

Well I guess that I was dreaming
But as dream I will miss you
I must say that I was sad
It was so real for not being true

Then, I turned on the lights
And I saw my skin
Full with your words, messages to me

A bunch of your poems
And drawings that you
Had made in my back, in my arms, in my face

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