The night of Europe

Did you know that the network of European night trains has been strongly reduced in the last months? Is this compatible with the current European Union directive on carbon reductions? Join the movement to put the European Night Trains back on track!

Read this article from Katie Mitchel at the Guardian

Check the webpage of Back on Track’s campaign and join the Nigth of Action on 20th June 2015 : sleep-in happenings at major train stations all around Europe.

And listen to my last song, The night of Europe, recorded here at Löftadalens Folkhögskola with Malin Lind (guitar and voice) and Amanda Petersson (violin) 

The night of Europe

Music and Lyrics: Miguel Ganzo Guitar: Malin Lind Violin: Amanda Petersson Voice: Miguel Ganzo and Malin Lind

There are night trains waiting for us

And we have been waiting too much

But tonight we will cross the night of Europe

You will take your train in Prague

I will take my train in Paris

We will meet for breakfast in Copenhague

Now the engine starts my train is moving east

And the city gives way to a tangle of meadows

And the shimmering sun soon will leave me with the night

The night, the night, on the rails

We have taken too much for granted

And we are forgetting fast

How the night of Europe was darker than the death

It was not so long ago

Mournful wagons empty of hope

Concealing the shame of a continent

But now the engine starts your train is moving west

And you see a pond with lily pads and duckweed

And a wooden shed disappearing in the night

The night, the night, on the rails

So nice to be with you in Copenhague

And with other lovely people too

We’ve travelled here with the flag of common sense

And tonight in the central station

We will wish farewell to the night train

Is the last one departing from here but we shall bring them back.

And the engine starts the train is moving south

Like an iron-made proof of care for nature

It should take a detour to Brussels where something could be done

Turning the night, turning the night, into a new day

Turning the night, turning the night, into a new day

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