United Europeans

Something is brewing, something is under construction, something that I’ve been longing for years: a pan-European political movement.


I’ve spend 2/3 of my life in Spain and 1/3 in Sweden and I’m very tired to follow the news and hear what this EU-country wants and what that other EU-country doesn’t want, like the discussions today at the Euro Summit.

We need a very different kind European Union that the one we have today, which has its roots in a cartel of companies and not in the needs and solidarity of its citizens. We need a European Union based in collaboration instead of competition, internally and externally, collaboration and solidarity among the countries of the union and with other regions of the world. A European Union that build bridges instead for walls.

Check DiEMs webpage to read the manifesto and to join the movement. There’s a short and a long version of the manifesto, and in a growing number of languages.

From DiEMs manifesto:

We come from every part of Europe and are united by different cultures, languages, accents, political party affiliations, ideologies, skin colours, gender identities, faiths and conceptions of the good society. We come together as committed Europeans determined to prevent a clueless EU establishment, which is deeply contemptuous of democracy, from rendering impossible an authentically democratic European union (…)We are inspired by a Europe of Reason, Liberty, Tolerance and Imagination made possible by comprehensive Transparency, real Solidarity and authentic Democracy”


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