From Kabul to Jokkmokk

From Kabul to Jokkmokk is the second song from my collection Made in Jokkmokk, written and recorded in the municipality of Jokkmokk, somewhere between Randijaur and Vajkijaur, in the country of Sweden and the land of Sápmi.

Very special thanks to all the people from Afghanistan I’ve talked with in Jokkmokk and in “Asylstafetten 2016 – för en human flyktingpolitik”. Well, and not only from Afghanistan: to all the people which their only way to come in to the European Union means lots of suffering and fear and to put their lives at risk.

Music and Lyrics, Miguel Ganzo (2016); Guitar and Voice, Miguel Ganzo

You and your family had been traveling for years
But you are not sure yet, if you can stay here
You’ve been welcomed by the neighbors, at least by most of them
But the decisions on your future are taken far away from here.

The first time you saw the sea, it was in a boat in the night
You were twenty folks, it had places for nine
Non of you in your family had ever learned to swim
Those five hours felt like an eternity.

We play basket on Sundays
And some Wednesdays as well
We both play the guitar
We both play the guitar
And sometimes you play songs
That you wrote on the road
On the road to this land
On the road, still the road.

Your old brother, he was killed at war
That you were the next one, it was written in your door
Here the authorities are telling you, that you must prove that fact
You’re sorry you didn’t bring the door with you, you left in such a rush.

What you really want is to be back at home
But there’s no home anymore, its’ completely gone
But you say, time can be a blessing, for a wounded soul
Here in the hearth of Sápmi, may you find a home.


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