Gállok and the Iron Throne of Wall Street

Gállok and the Iron Throne of Wall Street is the third song from my collection Made in Jokkmokk, written and recorded in the municipality of Jokkmokk, somewhere between Randijaur and Vajkijaur, in the country of Sweden and the land of Sápmi. And very close to Gállok too!

Do you want to hear the story of the protests in Gállok? I recommend you to see the short documentary The Gállok Rebellion:

“The summer 2013 a new area of occupied Sápmi were under attack from the mining industry, if it were not for some brave resisters the test blasting outside Jokkmokk would have gone by without commotion. The Saami people would have once again been exploited and future generations of beings would have been poisoned without even a debate. Now something happened. This is the story told by the resisters in Gállok. These views are not often televised. This is not an attempt to make an “objective” film, as if that was possible. This is why we revolt and why you should join the struggle!”

Gállok and the Iron Throne of Wall Street

Music and Lyrics, Miguel Ganzo (2016); Guitar and Voice, Miguel Ganzo

In the forest of Gállok
On the north of the north
Where the bears and the reindeers
Have their paths and their homes
A big business for profit
A big monster of greed
Wants to take all the iron
From the hearth of the land (of the land)

And the people of Sápmi
With their roots in this soil
Colonized for centuries
They have something to say:
Go away from Gállok,
Go away from here
We protect our nature,
Which is your nature as well (yes it is)

Far away from Gállok
All around the world
Thousands miles are gambling
With human rights and nature laws
But to solve that problem
Is easier said than done
We must change our way of life
Don’t give up
Slow it down (slow it down)

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