Invisible is my  musical-literary project: the first number of Invisible is a demo with seven songs and a fanzine with the lyrics, other texts and pictures from Dijana Mijatovik. The second number of Invisible is on the making.

You can listen to the songs of the first number of Invisible here:


And here you can download the fanzine:


At my page in Bandcamp you can download the songs at no cost, or paying what you wish to pay. Invisible is also available on Spotify and Itunes.

Of course, for those who like to touch and hold in your hands the thing, you can buy the Demo-CD or the fanzine, or both! Here are the prices:

Invisible Caratula CD
Invisible CD – 5 Euro / 50 SEK 
Invisible Fanzine - 5 Euro
Invisible Fanzine – 5 Euro / 50 SEK 

If you are interested on buying something please send me an email to and I’ll explain to you how to make the payment.






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